The Weavers:

This ladies group shares its talents and perpetuates the traditional arts and crafts of its
ancestors. Come admire and buy their works, and experience a welcome like no other. Holiday hours: closed December 23 to January 2

Club du bon temps:


St. Isidore Museum

The St. Isidore Museum showcases the artefacts of the founders of St. Isidore as well as the history of the youngest FrenchCanadian community in Western Canada. In this interactive museum, you will find information in audiovisual and digital forms, as well as the projection of a documentary on the settlement of the community of St. Isidore.
Contact: Marie Bergeron

Plein Soleil:

This local folklore dance troupe teaches gigue and folklore to dancers of all ages. The artistic season usually goes from September to April, with a yearend concert and some shows during the Carnaval.
Contact : Rachelle Bergeron (

Alliance féminine :


Conseil Scolaire du NordOuest No 1(NorthWest Francophone Education Region No. 1)

The Conseil meets the educational, linguistic, cultural and spiritual needs of Francophone students in the NorthWest Region. Its head office is in St. Isidore.